Live Wedding Painting FAQ

Q:  What is required for booking a Live Wedding Painting?

A:  A 50% Deposit and signed Live Wedding Painting Agreement.  

Q:  How long do Live Wedding Paintings take?

A:  The Standard Package Live Wedding Painting (18"x24" Canvas) takes 3-4 hours to complete.  For ceremonies, the Artist arrives 2 hours early to set up and paint in the background details.  The Artist continues to paint as guests arrive and the ceremony takes place.  The painting is complete 30 minutes to 1 hour after the conclusion of the ceremony.  For reception paintings (with 3 hour reception), the Artist arrives 1 hour early to set up and paints throughout the event.

Q:  When do I get my painting?

A:  Live Wedding Paintings are completed on site and yours to keep the day of the event!  There's no wait.

Q:  Does davisdrew travel outside of Central Arkansas for weddings?  And if so, is there a travel fee?

A:  Yes and yes.  For travel within driving distance, there is a set fee of 50 cents per mile.  For weddings that require an overnight stay and/or flight, the Artist consults with the client to find the most affordable options.  Please email for more information regarding travel fees.

Commission FAQ

Q:  What is required for booking a painting?

A:  A 50% deposit and signed Commission Agreement.

Q:  How long after booking will I receive my painting?

A:  Typical turn around time is 2-8 weeks.  Rush orders are available as the Artist's schedule permits.

Q:  What type of subject matter do you paint?

A:  Anything and everything. 

Q:  Do you paint from photographs?

A:  Yes.